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What planet am I on?

Photo of Michele Bachmann “What planet am I on?”

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Being a GOP Candidate

Being a GOP candidate: SO easy a chimp could do it

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Small Government - Uterine Regulation

Ron Paul “Believes in small government. Wants to regulate a woman’s uterus.”

We Elect the Bachmann

Photo of the Joker “It’s simple… we elect the Bachmann”

2012 Republian Landscape

Republican landscape with candidates Stupid, Full of Sh*t, F*ckin Nuts

A Tea Party? Now?

Where were you when Bush wasted our money and made this recession?

Definition of a Liberal

Dictionary definition of liberal

Good Luck in 2012

Dear Republicans, Good luck in 2012, Obama

Mitt Romney is Goin' Down in 2012

Mitt Romney holding sign “Mitt Romney is Goin’ Down in 2012”

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Tea Party Hostages = Lousy Credit Rating

Red.white.blue bumper sticker “The Tea Party held my country hostage and all I got was this lousy credit rating

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